25. The Scotch of St. James, London, UK - 23 februari 2016

 * taken from FB @officialcult




w/ Billy Duffy                                                            w/ John Tempesta

w/ Grant Fitzpatrick                                                   w/ Damon Fox

 * taken from FB @officialcult                                               w/ James Stevenson

The Cult have begun a lengthy tour to promote their brilliant new album ‘Hidden City’. The bands longtime guitarist Billy Duffy took time out to speak to Mark Millar, the next day after playing their smallest show ever.

How was last night’s show at the Scotch of St. James?
BD: It was great; it was the smallest gig I think I have ever done. It literally is tiny, I have been in bigger hotel rooms but it did sound good and the fans had a great time. It was good to keep the bands hand in. We played a new song that we had been rehearsing, so all in all it was good times and it was good for the vibes and the general team spirit and created a bit of a buzz.

What was the new song you played?
BD: It was Birds of Paradise from the new album. Nobody ever plays a brand new song live because otherwise it’ll be on YouTube and it won’t be new anymore. You can’t play a new song live, that’s all dead with the internet, but it was the first time we had played that song live ever.

There have been some legends that have played in that venue over the years.
BD: Yeah there has. It did seem like the appropriate place. It was just a random idea of mine to do something a bit different while we were in London doing press before the tour. I thought it would be more fun. The gig had to be cool, I heard it was small and they weren’t lying, but it just works, it’s a fun little place. It couldn’t have gone better so I was dead happy with that.

(Excerpt taken from XS Noize, posted on March 2, 2016 by Mark Millar)