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Dreamtime was released on 10 September 1984, it reached #21 in the UK and was later certified silver by the BPI after having sold 60,000 copies. The first single, "Spiritwalker", reached #1 on the UK Indie Chart. Dreamtime has subsequently been reissued (or in some cases bootlegged) in roughly 30 countries worldwide.

The record was largely recorded at Rockfield Studios, in Monmouth, Wales, in late March and early April 1984. Mixed at Eel Pie, Twickenham, 16–24 April 1984. Mastered on 27 April 1984. This record was originally intended to be released on Situation Two, with a catalogue number SITU 57 (or 12). This pressing was to include the original version of "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)" which uses a psychedelic phasing on the end choruses. Only a small handful of white label test pressings were made of this record, before the band decided they didn't like that version. They subsequently recorded a new version of the song after being signed on to Beggars Banquet Records, and that second, more "finalised" version of the song was released. The rerecording of "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)" was done at Livingstone studios on 22 June 1984. The original test pressing of "Dreamtime" stands as one of the more rare and collectable studio Cult vinyl pressings.

* UK BEGA57 w/ free live album, signed by BILLY, IAN and JAMIE


Dreamtime, LP, CAN, VOM 1 3344, different track order (re-issue special low price)
Dreamtime, LP, CAN, VOM 1 3344, promo w/ press release
Dreamtime, LP, CZE, 210087-1311, green vinyl
Dreamtime, LP, CZE, 210087-1311, black vinyl, promo, printed label ´pouze pro reklamni ucely´
Dreamtime, LP, FRA, BEGA 57, 2LP incl. Live at the Lyceum, disc´az label
Dreamtime, LP, GER, 207595
Dreamtime, LP, GRE, 58014
Dreamtime, LP, HOL, TORSO 33015, 1986 release
Dreamtime, LP, ITA, BEGA57
Dreamtime, LP, JAP, K25P493, w/ obi and lyric sheet
Dreamtime, LP, JAP, K25P493, promo white label w/ obi, lyric sheet and red promo sticker
Dreamtime, LP, N-ZEA, VPL1 6698
Dreamtime, LP, POR, LP85BB002, different inner sleeve w/ groupshot pic
Dreamtime, LP, SPA, 4T-3021-01, repress 'Prod. Twins'
Dreamtime, LP, UK, SITU 12, white label test pressing w/ Go West (original version) 
Dreamtime, LP, UK, BEGA 57
Dreamtime, LP, UK, BEGA 57, white label promo with folded jacket
Dreamtime, LP, UK, BEGA 57, 2LP incl. Live at the Lyceum, UK – CULT1
Dreamtime, LP, UK, BEGA 57, 2LP incl. Live at the Lyceum, UK – CULT1 (signed by Ian, Billy and Jamie) Dreamtime, LP, UK. BEGA 57P, 2nd UK release – picture disc
Dreamtime, LP, UK, BBL 57, 3rd UK release – different artwork

Dreamtime, CD, HOL, TORSO CD 015, 10 track cd w/ original vinyl artwork
Dreamtime, CD, JAP, VDP-1284, 12-tracks, w/ obi and promosticker
Dreamtime, CD, JAP, TKCB-70504, 13 tracks w/ obi
Dreamtime, CD, JAP, TECI-27247-8, 2CD re-issue, lp sleeves, incl. Live at the Lyceum, w/ obi + inlay
Dreamtime, CD, JAP, BEGA 57 CD
Dreamtime, CD, JAP, WPCB 20031, promo w/ obi
Dreamtime, CD, RUS, MOFR 00357, w/ 2 bonus tracks (LRM peace mix + Zap City)
Dreamtime, CD, UK, BEGA 57 CD
Dreamtime, CD, UK, BBL 57 CD
Dreamtime, CD, UK, BBL 2009 CD, 10-track remastered version
Dreamtime, CD BOX, UK, BBL 2009 CD, heavy fold-out wooden deluxe box w/ custom gold engraved plaque

"Bone Bag" (sometimes listed as "Bonebag") was the original b side on the "Spiritwalker" single. "Sea and Sky" was the original b-side of "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)" and "Ressurection Joe" (not spelled in the correct form "Resurrection Joe" but intentionally misspelled) was a new single recorded in November 1984 and released on 14 December 1984. They are included as bonus tracks on the original CD pressings in all countries except the original CD pressing in the Netherlands, where only the 10 original songs are present. The first CD version in the Netherlands also uses different artwork for the back cover. In Germany, the cd version incorrectly lists 13 songs on the back cover, but only includes the 10 original songs as were on vinyl.

Released originally with a nine song live album titled Dreamtime Live at the Lyceum, recorded at the Lyceum Theatre in London on 20 May 1984, and also released in the UK with different artwork, and on 23 November 1984 also as a picture disc LP. There were only 30.000 copies of the live record originally manufactured. This double album version was released in a thicker cardboard sleeve.

In France, a special promotional 12" record was issued. The full album was later released in France, packaged with the live album 'Dreamtime live at the Lyceum'.

The Japanese LP features a photo of the band on the front cover, instead of the original artwork. When remastered and reissued on CD in 1996, only the 10 original songs were included.

On the original Canadian vinyl pressing, the tracklisting is re-arranged for unknown reasons.

The record was released in Malaysia for the first time in July 1990, with the second version of the artwork used for the cover. In Czechoslovakia in January 1991, two versions of this record were released by Globus International: one is on black vinyl, and the other is on blue vinyl. The blue vinyl version is apparently quite rare. Both Czechoslovakian pressings use the artwork from the second British pressing. In 2003, the album was remastered and reissued on CD in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Lithuania with the three bonus tracks and different artwork. In October 2004 the record was also remastered and reissued on CD with different artwork in Japan.

There is also a misprinted British CD, which uses correct artwork, but includes reggae music on the disc itself, instead of anything by The Cult.

Dreamtime, TAPE, CAN, VOM13344
Dreamtime, TAPE, UK, BEGC57, double play tape incl. Dreamtime live at the Lyceum

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