ELECRIC BEERCAN PROMO DISPLAY                                        * huge UK promo display

"Electric" was released on 6 April 1987. The album marked a deliberate stylistic change in the band from a Gothic rock to a hard rock band. Rick Rubin, the producer on Electric, had been specifically hired to remake the band's sound in an effort to capitalize on the popularity of hard rock and heavy metal in the 1980s. The album was featured in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

"In 1985 THE CULT finally developed their roots into charts success with SHE SELLS SANCTUARY and LOVE, which brought Top 10 chart positions and gold awards all around the world. This year that succes record has still improved further, with the UK album now well past gold and a Top 4 LP chart entry, with a platinum album and No. 3 chart position in Canada, with a gold record and a hugely succesful tour with Billy Idol in the US. Concert dates in the UK and everywhere sell-out within hours and the dual focal point of IAN ASTBURY and BILLY DUFFY, together with JAMIE STEWART, LES WARNER and now KID CHAOS, is turning listeners into fans around the world."


* Electric US promo clock (appr. 30cm x 20 cm)

                * Electric promo beercans

Electric, LP, ARG, TL-90063, Spanish tracklist at backsleeve
Electric, LP, AUS, BEGA 80, limited edition w/ free poster
Electric, LP, CAN, 830 916-1, w/ promo press pack incl release sheets, poster and banner
Electric, LP, CAN, 830 916-1, Limited Edition Deluxe Package, stickered sleeve
Electric, LP, FRA, 70513, stickered sleeve 'Nouvel Album'
Electric, LP, GER, 208 223 100
Electric, LP, GER, 208 223 100, Testpressung/Musterplatte (mit Inlay der Plattenfirma Virgin)
Electric, LP, GRE, VG50266, w/ white insert
Electric, LP, ITA, BEGA80
Electric, LP, JAP, VIL-28077, w/ obi + Japanese/English lyric sheet
Electric, LP, JAP, VIL-28077, promo w/ obi + release sheet + Japanese/English lyric sheet
Electric, LP, JUG, LSBEG 11169
Electric, LP, MEX, LAE 815, w/ spanish songtitles
Electric, LP, PHIL, V-4685, manufactured in The Philippines by OctoArts International
Electric, LP, SPA, LL 208223
Electric, LP, UK, BEGA 80, white label promo
Electric, LP, UK, BEGA 80
Electric, LP, UK, BEGA 80G, gold vinyl in limited release, 5000 worldwide
Electric, LP, USA, 925555-1, with golden ‘for promotional use only’ stamp
Electric, LP, USA, 925555-1
Electric, LP, ZIM, VNC5098, promo stamp on label

Electric Interview with Doug Adamson, LP, UK, CULT12LP, white label promo, with press release sheet
Electric Interview - Warner Bros Music Show, LP, USA, WBMS147
Electric Interview, LP, USA, WBMS147, dj only, sleeve with skull+crossbones

Electric, CD, ARG, 6663-2, promo ´difusion - prohibida su venta´
Electric, CD, GER, 258 223
Electric, CD, JAP, VDP-1210, bonustrack: Love Removal Machine (Extended Version) w/obi
Electric, CD, JAP, TKCB-70506
Electric, CD, JAP, TECI-24250, reissue, lp gatefold paper sleeve w/ obi + lyric sheet
Electric, CD, JAP, TECI-24250, promo reissue, stickered cardboard sleeve, 'Imperial Records'
Electric, CD, RUS, MOFR 00359, incl 3 bonus tracks
Electric, CD, UK, BBL80CD
Electric, CD, USA, 9 2555552
Electric, CD, USA, 9 2555552, longbox

Electric, TAPE, CAN, 830916-4
Electric, TAPE, IND, R6446, Aquarius, made in Indonesia
Electric, TAPE, POL, BB-7067, by Bajo Bongo Rec
Electric, TAPE, THAI, 6 327, Peacock Records
Electric, TAPE, UK, BEGC80
Electric, TAPE, USA, W4-255555, Columbia House version
Electric - for promotional use only, TAPE, USA, WB-25555, white record company sleeve w/ tracklist
Electric - King Contrary Man, TAPE, THAI, 876 MICHAEL, Thailand bootleg copy

Electric Love - The Video Singles, VID, CAN, 041 580-2, cardboard
Electric Love - The Video Singles, VID, UK, BB 004

Electric Love - The Video Singles, LASERDISC, JAP, TFLR-78515, w/obi

*Australian chart sheet

In 2013 the album was re-released as a double CD set under the title Electric Peace, with one disc featuring the originally released album and the second containing the entire Peace album recorded during the Manor Sessions.

After the breakthrough success of their second album, Love, the Cult began working on a follow-up with producer Steve Brown. In the summer of 1986, they recorded twelve tracks at the Manor Studio in Oxfordshire. These recordings, which came to be known as the Manor Sessions, were to make up a new album, tentatively entitled Peace. However, upon completion of the recording sessions, the band decided that they were unhappy with the sound, and began to look for a new producer.

The band went on to choose Rick Rubin, who was known for producing albums for hip hop artists and thrash metal band Slayer. These new recordings, with a slightly different track-list and running order, became the album that was released.

Although all twelve of the Manor Sessions tracks were initially scrapped, four of them would turn up as B-sides to singles from Electric. A further five of them appeared on a limited edition EP, and with the release of Rare Cult in 2000, the rest of the unreleased Steve Brown-produced tracks were made available, albeit in a limited edition format. They were finally made available on a mainstream release in 2013 as part of the Electric Peace release.

Electric Peace, 2LP, UK, BBQLP2125
Electric Peace, 2CD, UK, BBL80CD/BBQCD2125, remastered
                                          * UK display - 20" circular 1987 promotional cardboard (and Electric Peace cd)