*UK EP release

The original four-song 'Brothers Grimm' EP was released in July 1983 in the United Kingdom, where it reached #2 on the UK independent charts. It was also released in France, and in early 1985 in Japan.
Ghost Dance was inspired by the writings and teachings of Wovoka, and the lyrics to "Horse Nation" are taken almost verbatim from the book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Brothers Grimm, 12", FRA, SIT 23T, yellow labels
Brothers Grimm, 12", JAP, K15P 517, w/ obi + sheet
Brothers Grimm, 12", UK, acetate # 1 w/ Utopia Studios sleeve
Brothers Grimm, 12", UK, SIT 23T, 1st press: matrix 'left/right' w/ Tom Vague interview insert
Brothers Grimm, 12", UK, SIT 23T, 2nd press: matrix A1/B1

Brothers Grimm, CD, UK, SIT2329CD
Ghost Dance, CD, UK, BBL2008CD, remastered

The EP was reissued in the UK as a six-song CD in 1988, with the track listing rearranged. It was remastered and reissued again at full-album length in 1996, with the addition of four songs from a live BBC radio broadcast. This 10-song compilation CD was titled Ghost Dance. "With Love" also known as "Ship of Fools", was later rewritten as "Sea and Sky" and released as one of the B-sides of "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)". "Too Young" was rewritten for the Dreamtime album and retitled "Rider in the Snow". "Horse Nation" was also rerecorded for Dreamtime with a more rock-oriented arrangement.

Ghost Dance, TAPE, ST454-4, POL