Released: July 1983
Recorded: 3rd and 4th June 1983 at Focus Studios, London.
Producer: Jeremy Green
Label: Situation Two


In addition to the material from the 1988 compact disc, the 1996 CD appended a four-track (*) David Jensen BBC Radio 1 session engineered by Dale Griffin and broadcast on 27 October 1983. One of these BBC tracks, "A Flower in the Desert", was a rewritten version of "Flowers in the Forest", originally written and recorded by Astbury's earlier group Southern Death Cult. This track had previously been released as the B-side to the 1984 "Spiritwalker" single, released shortly after the group changed its name to the Cult.

"Too Young" was later rewritten as "Rider in the Snow", appearing as such on the group's debut album, Dreamtime. "With Love" was originally titled "The Waste of Love", and only changed to "With Love" when it was recorded during the BBC radio session. The song was later rewritten and recorded (as the Cult) during the "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)" recording sessions on 22 June 1984, under the working title of "Ship of Fools". The track was then retitled "Sea and Sky" and released as the B-side of the "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)" single.


Brothers Grimm, CD, UK, SIT2329CD

Ghost Dance, CD, UK, BBL2008CD, remastered


Ghost Dance, TAPE, ST454-4, POL