CEREMONY POSTCARD  *UK promotional postcard

 was released on 23 September 1991. The album was highly anticipated by both music critics and fans as a result of the band's previous worldwide successes with their 1987 album Electric and its 1989 follow up Sonic Temple. It was heavily inspired by Native American culture. The band was sued for US$61,000,000 by the parents of the American Indian boy pictured on the album cover named Eternity Dubray,who was listed in 2008 as a janitor at Red Cloud Indian School, in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

The album reached #25 and achieved platinum status in the U.S., and reached #9 in Canada, but sales suffered with the arrival of grunge rock and time spent dealing with the lawsuit. Some countries, including South Korea and Thailand, did not see the record's release until 1992 and it was unreleased in Turkey until the Cult played several shows in Istanbul in June 1993.

Also, Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy's working relationship was at an all-time low at this point, with the two reportedly rarely in the studio together, opting to record their parts individually. Astbury and Duffy were this time working with Todd Hoffman and James Kottak during the demo recordings, and during the actual album recording sessions with Mickey Curry, on drums, bassist Charley Drayton and various other performers.

Both "Ceremony" and "Wild Hearted Son" begin with Native American Indian dances. "White" includes an excerpt from Lawrence Lipton's 1959 book 'The Holy Barbarians', which was later the name of Astbury's band, formed in 1996. "Heart of Soul" begins with the lyric "Down and out in London, Los Angeles, and Paris too", which is a reference to George Orwell's 'Down and Out in Paris and London', with LA being where the band were based at that time.

Ceremony, LP, GER, 212 087
Ceremony, LP, KOR, VKPL-0078, different insert
Ceremony, LP, POR, 605597, promo w/ release sheet and lyric sheet copy
Ceremony, LP, S-AFR, VNC 5209, punched hole sleeve
Ceremony, LP, UK, BEGA 122, white label promo
Ceremony, LP, UK, BEGA 122, stickered backsleeve 'promotional copy only not for resale'


Ceremony, CD, ARG, 6665-2
Ceremony, CD, JAP, WPCP 4562, w/ obi and lyric sheet
Ceremony, CD, JAP, TECI 24252, reissue, lp gatefold paper sleeve w/ obi + lyric sheet
Ceremony, CD, OOS, 262 087
Ceremony, CD, RUS, MOFR 00361, w/ bonustracks: No.13 + Bleeding Heart Graffiti
Ceremony, CD, RUS, RR 98-98-2
Ceremony, CD, UK, BEG 122 CD, digipack
Ceremony, CD, UK, BEG 122 CD, promo, white digipack 'for promotional use only' w/ insert
Ceremony, CD, UK, BBL 122 CD
Ceremony, CD, USA, W2 26673, Columbia House version
Ceremony, CD, USA, 9 26673,
Ceremony, CD, USA, 9 26673, longbox
Electric + Ceremony, CD, AUS, 814778 2, 1996 EMI compilation, double pack edition

Ceremony, TAPE, CAN, 510419-4
Ceremony, TAPE, GER, 412087
Ceremony, TAPE, IND, TCBEG122C, hanya untuk dijual di Indonesia
Ceremony, TAPE, MEX, 419427142-4, Virgin/EMI w/ spanish tracklist at inner sleeve
Ceremony, TAPE, POL, MG 1460
Ceremony, TAPE, POL, MM0595, 9 tracks, Bangkok Rain and Indian omits for some reason
Ceremony, TAPE, S-AFR, ZVNC 5209, Virgin, distributed by RPM Music
Ceremony, TAPE, S-ARAB, EN-4350, Thomsun Records, different trackorder
Ceremony, TAPE, THAI, 00 63, plain tape
Ceremony, TAPE, TURK, 0 9954, Raks Muzik
Ceremony, TAPE, UK, BEGC122
Ceremony, TAPE, USA, 9 26673-4
In House Recording 07/1'/91, TAPE, USA, unfinished mixes, 6 tracks w/ SIRE/REPRISE cover

Ceremony (UK promo box set), BOX, 2-layer white box with silver lettering:
- Wild Hearted Son, TAPE, UK, BEG 255C, 2-track
- Wild Hearted Son, CDS, UK, BEG 255CD, promo, housed in a gold embossed digipack
- The Ceremony Interview, VID, UK, w/ promotional campaign sheet cover

Ceremony (USA promo box set), BOX, 2-layer white box with silver lettering:
- Ceremony, TAPE, USA, 9 26673-4
- Ceremony, CD, USA, 9 26673
- Wild Hearted Son, VID, USA, 1-track NTSC promo video Reprise Rec

Ceremony (Canadian promo box set), BOX, 2-layer white box with silver lettering:
- In Conversation Ceremony Preview, TAPE, CAN
- Wild Hearted Son, CDS, UK, BEG 255CD
- In Conversation Ceremony Preview , VID, CAN