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"Choice Of Weapon" was released on 22 May 2012. Recording sessions began in March 2011 and over the next ten months took place at studios in New York City, Los Angeles, the band's Witch Mountain studio, and the California high desert. Frontman Ian Astbury explained the reasoning behind the album name: "'Choice of Weapon' is the title, and it evolved through many permutations, like 'Weapon of Choice' or 'Choice of Weapons.' I had like 30. 'Choice of Weapon' struck me, since you're having a choice, as individuals and society, and the weapon is a metaphor or it could be a mantra. Or a knife or a gun. Or a pen. Your art, creativity can be your weapon of cultural revolution.

It's spiritual, too. We can inflict violence or share knowledge, and this permeates throughout the songs, which are about experiences where I had to make a choice or decision. It's lyrically very intimate. It's loss, celebration and how can we not be caught up in the Occupy movement or the farcical political circus that we see every day? It's blasts of feel good rock 'n' roll, and it's more cinematic."

"When we were writing and recording 'Choice of Weapon,'" explained Astbury, "we had no agenda, there was no particular destination, no place to be, and no chart position to aim for.  We took our time, we went in, we grabbed the jewels, and stayed focused on keeping everything as fresh and as raw as possible.  The new songs are a sharpened and heightened extension of everything we have ever done."

Choice of Weapon reflects the survival in today's volatile world where the sense of entitlement is growing, where we are constantly bombarded by "ones and zeros," and where the "have-nots" increase on a daily basis.  The album poses the questions, "how do we survive and still keep our integrity and humanity? What weapons do we choose to insure a sane future for ourselves and our children, and not de-evolve into a 'Hunger Games' scenario?"

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Choice Of Weapon, LPx2, COOKLP548, UK, w/ white vinyl capsule 12”
(Embers sleeve signed by Ian and John, EMAWIAS sleeve signed by John and Chris, during meet and greet at 013 Tilburg, november 4th 2013)
Choice Of Weapon, LPx2, COOKLP548, USA, w/ white vinyl capsule 12”


Choice Of Weapon, CD, ARG, MBB20092
Choice Of Weapon, CD, EU, COOKCD548P, 10-track promo in jewlecase
Choice Of Weapon, CD, JAP, COCB-60050, 10-track promo in plastic sleeve, no artwork
Choice Of Weapon, CD, UK, COOKCD548W, 10-track numbered promo, #838, plastic wallet
Choice Of Weapon, CD, USA, watermarked promo #0099, 14 track w/ diff. backsleeve
Choice Of Weapon, CDx2, JAP, COCB-60050/TDCL-92012, definitive edition
Choice Of Weapon, CDx2, UK, COOKCD548X, w/ capsule cds, signed by Billy, Chris and John
Choice Of Weapon, CDx2, USA, none, Deluxe Edition w/ capsule cds

Rockline - Interview And Music Radio Show to promote COW, CDX2, USA, broadcasted may 23rd 2012 w/ cue sheet

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