Released: 26th September 1994
Recorded: 1993-1994 at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, Canada
Producer: Bob Rock
Label: Beggars Banquet, Sire

Additional tracks: 

 COMING DOWN UK 12" COMING DOWN UK 12" BACK Coming Down, 12", UK, BBQ 40T

Coming Down, CDS, AUS, 7243 8 92650 2 6
Coming Down, CDS, HOL, 892649 2, cardboard, 2 track
Coming Down, CDS, HOL, 7243 8 92650 2 6
Coming Down, CDS, S-AFR, CDVIS (WS) 6, cardbopard, 4 track
Coming Down, CDS, SPA, CULTSP1, no sleeve
Coming Down, CDS, UK, BBQ40CD
Coming Down, CDS, UK, BBQ40CD, promo w/ 2 (release) stickers
Coming Down, CDS, USA, PRO CD 7091, promo
Coming Down, CDS, USA, 941803 2, special pack
Coming Down/Heart Of Soul (Duopack), CDS, HOL, 7243 8 92650 2 6, w/ Heart Of Soul - Canadian release, sold in German stores

Coming Down, TAPE, UK, BBQ40C
Coming Down (Uncensored Version), VID, UK, promo video, directed by Paul Boyd

IA: That one’s got a fat bass line on it as well. [Laughs.] A really fat bass line. That song was something that I felt was really strong, and you can see the influence of “The Witch” on that. You can see the rawness coming back in, the dilettante aspect. Again, it’s in that sexual modality, music for the waist down. The verses are pretty dark. There’s one line in there that’s like, “Your horses terrify me / Girl, the things you say / Are not okay.” I’m talking about someone who has dominance over you. “Drug Tongue,” I think, is a reference to lies, to deceit. Or duality. You’re saying one thing, but you actually mean something else. I think “Drug Tongue” is a really great song, and I loved the video for it. We’ve played it live. It’s strange, ’cause “Star” works a whole lot better, ’cause it’s straight up rock ’n’ roll, but “Coming Down” is just... We’ve got to be in the right place and right mindset to play that song, ’cause we want it to come off right.

Making that record was really cathartic for me. My son was born, my first kid. We were in Vancouver, which is an amazing city. You’re away from the distractions, shall we say, of New York, Los Angeles, London, etcetera. Although, believe me, you can find distractions in Vancouver. [Laughs.] But it allowed us to open this thing up. We were working with Bob every day—in fact, Bob sat there with a guitar on—and I think U2 was making Achtung Baby at the time, so it was like dirty, urban modality was something that was coming into the times that we were living through. We had grunge, and it was almost the first time we saw the cracks in the institutions. It was like we’d really hit the wall, culturally speaking. There was a lot of cynicism around.

I’ve been involved in things like A Gathering of Tribes, which became Lollapalooza, and there’s a tribal mentality. Seattle was very important in that. There was kind of a pulling-down, with the saccharine mentality of MTV and the encroachment of a bit more cynicism. It’s a bit darker. If you listen to that album, there are songs like “Black Sun,” “Universal You,” and “Saints Are Down,” which I think was a real moment for us. That song is just sets me off in the right way. We played that live recently, on the last tour, and it was such an incredible moment to play that song. We’re doing these songs the way we’d intended to record them. If we had a time machine, I’d go back and say, “Right, we’re doing them this way,” the way we’re doing them now, because we’ve got more experience now. We’re not trying things out anymore in the way that we did when we were younger. We’re locked into something now, and we’re staying with that.

(from The AV Club interview w/ Ian Astbury - jun 7, 2012)

COMING DOWN UK PROMO WINDOW STICKER                              * UK promotional peel-off window sticker