Released: 24th September 2007
Recorded: Britannia Row Studios, London.
Producer: Youth
Label: Roadrunner

DLR 7" 
Dirty Little Rockstar, 7", UK, RR 3863-7, 1-track strictly limited edition etched pink vinyl

IA: Oh, yeah! [Laughs.] That’s the sound of a dire wolf in the woods showing his teeth. It’s cheeky. It’s a pop song. It was taking a snap at the pretty boys with their beautiful haircuts and their hip-slimming photographs. I mean, really, these kids couldn’t stand up to us when we were their age, and probably not even the generation before them that they were mimicking. They were so caught up in their own vanity. A generation of the entitled arriving when the road’s already been built, so there’s not really anything for them to do except pose around. And look where most of ’em have gone now. They’ve disappeared. Where are they now? For them, it was a hobby. They’re day-trippers. It was just a way to get cute girls. They weren’t invested in it. It was just something to do. It’s not a hobby for me. It’s my life. I’m invested in this. So I think I was just taking a little bite out of the young pup. Having a bit of a snap at ’em. Letting ’em know. Fucking pissing on ’em. Keith Richards said it very eloquently when he was asked, “Hey, Keith, what do you think about all these exciting new bands coming through?” He just cut him off and said, “They’ll find out.” And they fucking did find out. They’re posers. I mean, how many of them are around still? I rest my case. [Laughs.]

(from The AV Club interview w/ Ian Astbury - jun 7, 2012)

Dirty Little Rockstar, CDS, GER, RDRR 10204-2, 1-track promo, slimline jewelcase w/ sticker
Dirty Little Rockstar, CDS, HOL, RR PROMO 1011, 1-track promo, cardsleeve
Dirty Little Rockstar, CDS, UK, RR PROMO 1011, 1-track promo, cardsleeve w/ promo sticker
Dirty Little Rockstar, CDS, USA, RDRR 10204-2, 1-track promo, jewelcase