DREAMTIME (digital)

Released: September 10th 1984
Recorded: Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales, Mar-Apr 1984. Mixed at Eel Pie, Twickenham, April 1984
Producer: John Brand, Chris Kimsey
Label: Beggars Banquet


  1. Horse Nation
  2. Spiritwalker
  3. 83rd Dream
  4. Butterflies
  5. Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)
  6. Gimmick
  7. A Flower in the Desert
  8. Dreamtime
  9. Rider in the Snow
  10. Bad Medicine Waltz
  11. Bone Bag *
  12. Sea and Sky * 
  13. Resurrection Joe *
* bonus tracks on most cd releases

Dreamtime, CD, HOL, TORSO CD 015, 10 track cd w/ original vinyl artwork

Dreamtime, CD, JAP, VDP-1284, 12-tracks, w/ obi and promosticker

Dreamtime, CD, JAP, TKCB-70504, 13 tracks w/ obi

Dreamtime, CD, JAP, TECI-27247-8, 2CD re-issue, lp sleeves, incl. Live at the Lyceum, w/ obi + inlay

Dreamtime, CD, JAP, BEGA 57 CD

Dreamtime, CD, JAP, WPCB 20031, promo w/ obi

Dreamtime, CD, RUS, MOFR 00357, w/ 2 bonus tracks (LRM peace mix + Zap City)

Dreamtime, CD, UK, BEGA 57 CD
Dreamtime, CD, UK, BBL 57 CD

Dreamtime, CD, UK, BBL 2009 CD, 10-track remastered version

Dreamtime, CD BOX, UK, BBL 2009 CD, heavy fold-out wooden deluxe box w/ custom gold engraved plaque