Released: 26th June 1989
Recorded: Recorded and mixed at Little Mountain sound studios in Vancouver.
Producer: Bob Rock
Label: Beggars Banquet, Sire 

Additional tracks: 

Live tracks recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon 16th March 1987 by the Mobile.

This song is about Edie Sedgwick, a socialite who formed part of the artist Andy Warhol's Factory scene in New York in the '60s. Sedgwick featured in several Warhol films, including Poor Little Rich Girl and Beauty No. 2. Her final movie role was as Susan Superstar in Ciao! Manhattan, which was written and directed by John Palmer and David Weisman. This song takes the "Ciao Baby" part of its title from this film. Sedgwick lived a troubled life that was plagued by mental health issues and drug addictions. In 1971, Sedgwick died of an overdose. She was 28 years old. The film, Factory Girl, starring Sienna Miller, is about Sedgwick.

The Cult's front man, Ian Astbury, became interested in Sedgwick while the band were recording their Electric album in New York: "It was kinda like I was really interested in Warhol's scene, The Velvet Underground [who Warhol managed between 1965-1967], and really interested in Edie Sedgwick and just was compelled to write something about it." Guitarist, Billy Duffy added: "Just being in New York you can get wrapped up in it. It's a very special place. That's just basically what the songs about. It's not really about her particularly, it's her used as an example.

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Edie (Hola Baby), 7", ARG, EMI -519B, promo, split single with Inner City
Edie (Ciao Baby), 7", AUS, BEG230, w/ Bleeding Heart Graffiti
Edie (Ciao Baby), 7", CAN, 874 668 7, w/ Medicine Train
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Edie (Ciao Baby), 7", UK, BEG 230G, gatefold case ltd. numbered ed. #1631
Edie (Ciao Baby), 7", USA, 7 22873, double A-side, plain sleeve
Edie (Ciao Baby), 7", USA, 22873-7, plain sleeve, Love Removal Machine (Live)

Edie (Ciao Baby), 12", AUS, BEG 230T
Edie (Ciao Baby), 12", CAN, DJV 346, promo, plain sleeve
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Edie (Ciao Baby), 12", UK, BEG 230T
Edie (Ciao Baby), 12", UK, BEG 230T, white label test pressing w/ stickered sleeve

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Edie (Ciao Baby), TAPE, UK, BEG230C, w/ Bleeding Heart Graffiti
Edie (Ciao Baby), TAPE, USA, 9 22873-4, w/ Love Removal Machine (live)

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