The Cult will launch a three-month tour in July 2013 focusing on their breakthrough 1987 album ‘Electric.’ They will play the record in its entirety during the run. This is the first time the band has performed the classic record from start to finish.

The tour, called Electric 13, will feature an opening set that includes all of ‘Electric.’ The second set will feature songs pulled from the various albums the Cult have released over the past quarter century.

                                                                                             * Aug 31 2013 House Of Blues, New Orleans, USA (by Vance Kelly)

Electric 13 will launch on July 25 in San Diego and wind through the U.S. before heading overseas in mid October. The tour will conclude a month or so later with an appearance in Cologne, Germany.

In other Cult news, the band will release a sorta new album, ‘Electric Peace,’ on July 30. The two-disc set includes the group’s ‘Electric’ LP along with the original ‘Peace’ album, which was scrapped and replaced with ‘Electric.’ Many of ‘Peace”s songs have shown up as B-sides and EP tracks over the years, but this CD pulls them all together in one place.

* 4 NOV 2013, 013 Tilburg, NL



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