(by: Gail Worley - excerpts taken from John's official website) 

In a career spanning two decades, drummer John Tempesta has built a body of work that's deservedly earned him a place among metal's most popular and well-respected players. Perhaps best known for his tenure with Rob Zombie - both in White Zombie and with Rob's solo project - John worked his way up through the drumming ranks, always looking for his next challenge and never resting on past achievements. John's extensive professional resume includes gigs with Exodus, Testament, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Tony Iommi, Helmet and Scum of The Earth (which features John's brother, guitarist Mike Tempesta). Presently, John can be found touring the world behind the drum throne of The Cult.


"A friend of mine who is a booking agent for The Cult told me that they were auditioning drummers," John remembers. "At that time I was lined up to record another album with Helmet, and I was also scheduled to go to Dubai to play with Testament. It was one of those things where everything happened in a week. After securing the audition, I learned all of the Cult material that I'd need to play and I felt really confident about the audition, because I'd always been a fan of The Cult. It just clicked, basically." After a couple of auditions, John landed the gig in February of 2006 and has been touring the states, Europe, the UK and South America with The Cult ever since.

"As a drummer," John confesses, "being in the Cult is great for me because I get to play really heavy, but I can play soft as well because there are so many dynamics in this music. It's definitely a change for me from just full out thrashing with Testament or playing all of the loops with Zombie. It's a nice progression and I really enjoy the music. I'm really happy to be with these guys because they've been one of my favorite bands and a big influence on me for many years. The funny thing is I had planned to audition for The Cult in 1993," he recalls. "But then I ended up touring with Testament, and after that I got the White Zombie gig, so timing, again, really is everything."



JT's drumhead - Alive in The Hidden City Europe 2016/17