'Capsules' tour / Memorabilia

The Cult MMX

29 individual shows, all recorded LIVE from 16 September until 20 November and were made available on a custom CULT USB Flash drive capsule right after the show for $40.00.

Some recorded shows from this tour were not sold or made available because of technical issues during the recording process.

MMX Las Vegas, 16/09/10, USA, USB stick

 *Give-away promo T-shirt at Knebworth 2010 Festival

The Sinner´s Day in Belgium 2011 Boxset, GRE, black, limited edition #01/10: 
- 10" black vinyl,A. Nirvana/Rain B. Wild Flower/Love Removal Machine
- 7" clear vinyl,A. Fire Woman/She Sells Sanctuary
- T-shirt, poster, button,cigarettebox, certificate

ABU DABHI LIVE POSTER SIGNED ABU DABHI LIVE POSTER UNSIGNED2x poster Abu Dhabi live, november 12, 2011 (signed by Ian, Billy, Chris, John and Mike + unsigned)

                            *Band and Crew itinerary - UK/Europe Winter 2011 (tour office print)