*UK silk flag                                   *US promo button

*US promo sticker                             *buttons

*UK A3 promo cardboard                                                             *tour sticker

*UK poster                                                                           *promo pic

  *German press pack


Artificial Life no. 11, UK,1985, 5 page article 'The Cult'
Artificial Life no. 12, UK,1985, 4 page article 'The Cult'
Circus of Life - issue 1, UK, 1985, 2 page article
Fanclub newsletters, 4 pieces
Cult Info #1, UK, 1985 april (official band release)
The Day Of The Ray Gun Cometh no.3, UK, 1985, 13 page article, signed by Ian
OOR (Dutch magazine) #24, 4 page article (november 1985)
1986 Cult Info Mag 1, UK, 1986 january (official band release)
Artificial Life no. 13, UK, 1986, 6 page article 'The Cult'
Vinyl (Dutch magazine) #2, 3 page article (february 1986)

No longer part of the collection, I recently donated these two lithographs to my fellow Cult fan Leo.
lithograph by Hugh Brown - silkscreen printed ltd edition #297 (green/yellow/red)
lithograph by Hugh Brown - slkscreen printed ltd edition #2557 (green/blue/red)