I got infected with the sonic virus somewhere between 1985 and 1986. My older brother used to play the LOVE album frequently. By the time The Cult released Love Removal Machine in 1987, to me everything fell into place. After all these years I still can´t get enough of their music. It gives me strength and energy! I guess it´s part of me.

LOVE and ELECTRIC are my favourite albums, closely followed by HIDDEN CITY (maybe it's their best album so far), CHOICE OF WEAPON and THE CULT. My favourite songs are THE PHOENIX and LOVE REMOVAL MACHINE.

I'm displaying a lot of precious and rare items on my website. I just picked a few highlights. Check it out!

My first live experience was back in 1989, The Cult supporting Aerosmith. In 1992 I was at the legendary Pinkpop-show, The Cult were on fire. In 2008 Ian gave his tambourine to my then 10-year old daughter in 'De Melkweg' in Amsterdam. And in 2012 The Cult burned down Hammersmith Apollo in London. Memories for life!

In 2016 i was one of the lucky few who got tickets (only 50 sold) for the Scotch Of St. James in London! After the show the band hung around for a while and took time to chat with the fans. I enjoyed the concerts at the Albert Hall in Manchester (Ian threw me a tambourine), Brixton Academy in London (with meet and greet) and Vicar Street in Dublin as well.

I also had the pleasure to be a helping hand at Mick Peek's 2016 pop up exhibition 'Billy Duffy photos and prints' at the Artisan, Manchester. And hanging around with Billy whilst he was signing the photos and screenprints. Incredible experience, thanks Mick!

In June 2017 i went to Milan, Italy and i had a great time. Now i'm still waiting for some Dutch gigs.

If you are curious about my other live experiences, please enter the submenus in this section one by one. I'm sharing info, tickets, pics, vids, setlists and more.

w/ Ian, Billy, Grant, Damon & John @ The Scotch of St. James, London, UK (23/02/16)



           * Hidden City birthday cake (G.O.A.T.) - special thanks to Saskia :-)