Released: 14th December 1984
Producer: Chris Kimsey
Label: Beggars Banquet

The single is "stand-alone" and was not featured on any studio album by the group.

The song was originally written and performed (live) when the group was still Death Cult under the title "The Resurrection Song." The earliest versions bore no resemblance, musically or lyrically, to the final version. The song was gradually transformed into the final version during the later months of 1983, while the group was on its second concert tour of the United Kingdom.

The music video, filmed at Kirkstall Abbey Museum (in Leeds, England), is set in a semi-Victorian/Dickens period with Ian Astbury as "Joe", a snake oil salesman hawking "Joe's Ressurection Elixir". Astbury is initially rejected by patrons of a bar as he tries to hawk his elixir. The band's other members appear as invalids (Billy Duffy as a blind man, Nigel Preston as a cripple, and Jamie Stewart with some bad orthodontics) that are miraculously "cured" by the elixir. After seeing the others "cured", the people Astbury had been trying to sell the elixir to earlier gladly accept bottles and drink it. They are all promptly turned from adults to infants as Astbury and the rest of the group exit the tavern.

Interspersed in the music video is live footage of the group performing. The live footage is from their concert film Dreamtime Live At The Lyceum (the companion to their 1984 Dreamtime Live At The Lyceum album). The footage is spliced from different songs they performed, as "Resurrection Joe" was not performed during that concert.

* 'REPLICA JOE' - inspired by the official videoclip 'Ressurection Joe'