February 2006

THE CULT — set to hit the road for the first time since 2002 on Wednesday, March 1 — have announced that their "Return To Wild" tour will be available to fans worldwide via an exclusive deal with "Instant Live," a division of Live Nation, that enables fans to immediately purchase a live recording of a concert as soon as the show ends. These recordings will mark the first live CDs to officially be made available in the iconic band's career (a live DVD, "Music Without Fear", was released in 2002).

THE CULT have also confirmed the line-up for the 2006 trek, which was jump-started with a Friday, February 24 performance of their hit "Wild Flower" on CBS"Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson". The tour, which runs from March 1 in San Francisco to March 26 in New York City, will feature singer Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy plus bassist Chris Wyse (JERRY CANTRELLOZZY OSBOURNE) — who performed on THE CULT's last studio disc, 2001's "Beyond Good and Evil" — and drummer John Tempesta (WHITE ZOMBIEHELMET).

For the live releases via Instant Live THE CULT and manager Tom Vitorino have announced that all shows are being recorded in SRS Circle Surround sound and sold as limited-edition releases at the concerts. These premium digipacks will include the hits, rarities, and acoustic versions of CULT songs. The Internet community can search Napster, the official online distributor, after each show, for immediately available downloads. 

Vitorino says, "Instant Live removes the filter that has existed in the live recording arena between artist and audience. It negates the poor quality of bootlegging. This medium is not a 'tour souvenir,' but a high-end, expediently delivered package of the band in its purest form; and as art should be, totally uncensored." 

"We are excited that Instant Live is able to play a marketing and promotional role in the rebirth of THE CULT and are looking forward to offering their fans a chance to own a copy of each night's show from this tour," said Stephen Prendergast, General Manager of Live Nation's Instant Live. "Instant Live will also be providing recordings of both new and classic CULT songs to radio and media."

Instant Live 01 the, CDx2, 27823-0384-2, USA, no. 0808
Instant Live 02 the joint.nv.03.03.06, CDx2, 27823-0385-2, USA, no. 0976
Instant Live 03 house of, CDx2, 27823-0386-2, USA, no. 0817
Instant Live 04 key, CDx2, 27823-0387-2, USA, no. 1257
Instant Live 05 music, CDx2, 27823-0388-2, USA, no. 0649
Instant Live 06 marquee, CDx2, 27823-0389-2, USA, no. 0626
Instant Live 07 ridglea theatre.tx.03.10.06, CDx2, 27823-0390-2, USA, no. 0561
Instant Live 08 warehouse.tx.03.11.06, CDx2, 27823-0391-2, USA, no. 1147
Instant Live 09 la zona rosa.tx.03.12.06, CDx2, 27823-0392-2, USA, no. 0826

Instant Live 10 cain´s ballroom.ok.03.14.06, CDx2, 27823-0408-2, USA, no. 0970

Instant Live 11 first, CDx2, 27823-0409-2, USA, no. 0698

Instant Live 12 vic, CDx2, 27823-0410-2, USA, no. 0602

Instant Live 13 house of blues.oh.03.18.06, CDx2, 27823-0411-2, USA, no. 0429

Instant Live 14 emerald theatre.mi.03.19.06, CDx2, 27823-0412-2, USA, no. 1045

Instant Live 15 town ballroom.ny.03.21.06, CDx2, 27823-0413-2, USA, no. 0649

Instant Live 16, CDx2, 27823-0414-2, USA, no. 0564

Instant Live 17 9:30 club.dc.03.24.06, CDx2, 27823-0415-2, USA, no. 0908

Instant Live 18 house of blues.nj.03.25.06, CDx2, 27823-0416-2, USA, no. 0545


Instant Live 19 nokia theatre.ny.03.26.06, CDx2, 27823-0423-2, USA, no. 0716

Instant Live cult comp., CD, 27823-0434-2, USA, compilation - best of instant live

Instant Live molson amphitheatre.on.05.26.06, CDx2, 27823-0433-2, USA
Instant Live plaza of nations.bc.05.18.06, CDx2, 27823-0432-2, USA

New York City - Live November 13, 2006, DVD, USA, live at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza
New York City - Live November 13, 2006, CD-R, USA, live at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza


19.03.2006 Instant Live Soundcheck - emerald theatre.mi.
13.11.2006 Irving Plaza, New York, USA