Released: May 2001
Recorded:Plantation Mixing & Recording, Maui, Hawaii & The Village Recorders, West Los Angeles, California.
Producer: Bob Rock
Label: Atlantic


  1. Rise (Edit)
  2. Rise (Album Version)
  3. Libertine

RISE GERMAN CDS SIGNED BY IAN AND BILLY                           * German cds-release, signed by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy

Rise, CDS, AUS, CULT1, promo
Rise, CDS, GER, PRO2586, promo w/ press release sheet
Rise, CDS, GER, 7567–85122– 2, feat. 'Libertine'
Rise, CDS, GER, 7567–85122– 2, feat. 'Libertine', signed by Ian and Billy
Rise, CDS, USA, PRCD 300480, promo, diff. front
Rise, CDS, USA, 1-track promo acetate w/ insert

Rise - MTV UK version, VID, USA, 1-track promo video (PAL) on Atlantic Records - 07/20/01

AVC: Ironically, the first album after Spirit\Light\Speed sounded more like an attempt to return to the sound of Sonic Temple than a step forward.

IA: That was the sound of a big animal knowing its power. [Laughs.] I think once you fire up that animal, you get in a room with it and realize it’s something a club cannot contain, a small environment cannot contain. It really does require an amplified larger environment. Working with Bob Rock again, we wanted to make something that was very much of the time. The record is prophetic in many ways, certainly on “War,” “Ashes and Ghosts,” and “Rise.” We were beginning to get into the Internet, and there were different factors. It was all pre-9/11, but we could sense it was in the air. We were, like, de-tuning our guitars; it was getting darker and heavier… [Imitates guitar riff.] But then you always had this high melodic thing. That was us trying to put something beatific in it.

It’s very interesting how we interpret that record now, because we have been playing “Ashes And Ghosts,” “War,” and “Rise.” “War” in particular is a very anthemic song. We’ve been at war for a long time. It’s been 20 years since the first Gulf War. We forget that we’ve been at war in the Middle East for that long. That’s longer than World War II and Vietnam, but bodies are still coming back, and people are still putting their lives on the line. It’s a reflection on human nature. I think we said what a lot of people didn’t want to say. Or were afraid to say, or didn’t know how to say. But we were picking up on something very dark, something coming out of left field that’s dark and coming fast and gonna bite your fucking ass if you don’t pay attention. And that was a preview to the decimation of the record industry, the [decline] of culture, the fragmentation and the fall of the Church, the fallacy of science. That was all previewed in that record.

(from The AV Club interview w/ Ian Astbury - jun 7, 2012)

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