*UK promo window sticker 20x30cm

 was released on 27 December 1994. Officially presented with a live appearance on UK TV show The Word. It reached #65 in the Official UK Charts. "Star" began life in 1986 as "Tom Petty" and was recorded at the "Sonic Temple" demo sessions as "Starchild", being dropped by the band during rehearsals. In 1993 the song was resurrected and was finally completed for the record in 1994 as, just simply, "Star".

Star, 12", UK, BBQ 45T

Star, CDS, CAN, 76974 3022 2
Star, CDS, HOL, 8 9727702 
Star, CDS, UK, BBQ 45CD
Star, CDS, UK, BBQ 45CD, signed by Ian and Billy
Star, CDS, UK, BBQ 45DJ, 1-track promo
Star, CDS, USA, PRO CD 7290 R, promo, incl. 'Star - Rock Radio Remix'

Star, TAPE, UK, BBQ45C

Star, VID, UK, promo video
Star, VID, USA, promo video 'Reprise Records'