A collection of studio outtakes, demos and live recordings, released by Beggars Banquet Records in 1983.

"Southern Death Cult disbanded before recording their first album, this LP has been compiled by them from existing session and live material and alternate recordings."

In 1988 Beggars Banquet reissued the album for the first time in CD format, only in the UK (BBL 46 CD) and in Canada on the PolyGram label (834 691-2). Additional tracks were added to the original album, but the material was not remastered.

The track listing was as follows:
Fatman (i) - Moya (i) - The Girl (i) - All Glory (ii) - Today (ii) - False Faces (iii) - Flowers in the Forest (iii) -Patriot (iii) - The Crypt (iv) - Crow (v) - Faith (v) - Vivisection (v) - Apache (iii) - Moya (vi) - Fatman (vi)

(i) Originally released in December 1982 as a 12-inch single titled The Southern Death Cult on Situation Two (catalogue number SIT 19T). Produced by Mick Glossop.

(ii) Recorded 21 May 1982 for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 at Maida Vale 4 studio. Produced by John Owen Williams. Engineered by Martin Colley. First broadcast on 10 June 1982. During the original Peel session, four tracks were recorded: "Fatman", "Today", "False Faces" and "All Glory". The other two tracks ("Fatman" and "False Faces") have never been released.

(iii) Recorded 20 January 1983 for the David Jensen show on BBC Radio 1 at Maida Vale 4 studio. Produced by John Sparrow. Engineered by Martyn Parker. First broadcast on 24 January 1983.

(iv) Recorded at Manchester Square. Engineered by Pat Staples.

(v) Recorded live at Rafters, Manchester, England on 13 December 1982.

(vi) Recorded at The Playground. Produced and engineered by Mike Hedges. Remix by John Brand.

In August 1996, the material contained on the 1988 The Southern Death Cult CD was remastered and released worldwide (and for the first time ever in the United States) by Beggars Banquet. It was only issued on CD (catalogue number BBL 46 CD). No new material was added, but the liner notes were reworked and new photographs were added.


Southern Death Cult, CD, JAP, VDP-1283, w/ obi, 10 track-album

Southern Death Cult, CD, UK, BBL 46CD
Southern Death Cult, CD, USA, BBL 46CD, different backsleeve

The|Southern|Death|Cult, CDS, UK, CULT17CD, tri-fold digipack promo w/ 3 album infocards & fold-out family tree


SDC - Early Demos
Moya - Reworked version '08