Download only (16th October to 16th December 2012)
Recorded: Mar 2011–Jan 2012 at Hollywood Recording Studios
Producer: Chris Goss


  1. Aurora (This Night In The City Forever)
  2. Blackie (A Pale Horse)
  3. The Bones (For The Animals)
  4. Decado (Lucifer)
  5. Elemental (Elemental Light)
  6. Gibraltar (The Wolf)
  7. Twisted And Bleeding (Wilderness Now)
  8. Militant (Amnesia)
  9. Supreme (Honey From A Knife)
  10. Lucifer (Life > Death)
The digital-only release features the songs that were ultimately included in "Choice Of Weapon" at an earlier stage of development. Explaining the motivations behind the release, singer Ian Astbury said that "These songs were turned over and over, forged in long rehearsals and writing sessions, and emanated from challenges both personal and professional. We put our guts into this. Producer Chris Goss was able to create an environment where the songs were born through playing and turning over lyrics, through hard work and intense sessions." Astbury added "These songs have an integrity and rawness of their own. In many ways it's a different album to the one we released and reveals the foundations of 'Choice Of Weapon'. We were able to close the doors and begin to explore spaces we had not been in for a while."

* taken from FB @officialcult

                   Weapon Of Choice, CD-R, a limited ITunes only release until 21-12-12