"We never had fans - we have addicts. You either need it or you don`t. You either get it or you won`t. There is nothing casual about The Cult. We attract pure votaries." Ian Astbury

Hi there, welcome to 'TheCultCollection.NL'

As a huge 'The Cult' follower and collector from The Netherlands I created this website in april 2012. In the months prior to this, the idea of ​​sharing the collection with all addicts around the world, arose.

I got infected with the sonic virus somewhere between 1985 and 1986. My older brother used to play the LOVE album frequently. By the time The Cult released Love Removal Machine in 1987, to me everything fell into place. After all these years I still can´t get enough of their music. It gives me strength and energy! I guess it´s part of me.

Now i’m displaying loads of albums, 12”s, 7”s, cds, tapes, videos, t-shirts, posters, promotional stuff, merchandise, setlists, clippings and cuttings, all from my personal collection.

Enjoy it!

Feel free to contact me, if you have questions or comments:

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