Released: 18th October 1985
Recorded: July – Aug 1985 at Jacobs Studios, Farnham, England and Olympic Studios, London, England.
Producer: Steve Brown
Label: Beggars Banquet, Sire


  1. Nirvana
  2. Big Neon Glitter
  3. Love
  4. Brother Wolf; Sister Moon
  5. Rain
  6. The Phoenix
  7. Hollow Man
  8. Revolution
  9. She Sells Sanctuary
  10. Black Angel


Love, LP, TLP-70021, ARG, backsleeve, tracklist in Spanish
Love, LP, BEGA65, AUS, promo w/ stamped labels
Love, LP, 718 8013, BRA, gatefold cover
Love, LP, 718 8013, BRA, gatefold cover, promo w/ stamped backsleeve and promo insert
Love, LP, VOG 1-3365, CAN, w/ sticker 'includes … + 3 love symbols'
Love, LP, 207 388, GER, gatefold
Love, LP, VG50147, GRE, gatefold, green/red Virgin labels plus lyric sheet
Love, LP, VG50147, GRE, gatefold, white Virgin labels plus lyric sheet
Love, LP, BEGA65, ISR, by CBS Records, Israel
Love, LP, BEGA65, ITA, grey labels and plain inner sleeve w/ attached lyric sheet
Love, LP, K25P577, JAP, w/ obi, lyric sheet and poster
Love, LP, LSBEG, 11149, JUG
Love, LP, YVPL102, KOR, omits 'big neon glitter' and 'revolution' for some reason
Love, LP, BEGA65, N-ZEA
Love, LP, V-4655, PHIL, shorter version BWSM 5:18
Love, LP, 637105, POR
Love, LP, E207388, SPA, label cara B I 207388 Eurogram S.A.
Love, LP, BEGA65, UK
Love, LP, BEGA65, UK, embossesed wings
Love, LP, BEGA65, UK, white label test pressing with ´label copy-sheet´ and press release sheet
Love, LP, 925359-1, USA
Love, LP, 925359-1/R134608, USA, manufactured by RCA Music Service under license
Love, LP, 925359-1/R134608, USA, partially printed white label A-side/regular B-side (mispress)


Love, CD, 6662-2, ARG, promo ´difusion - prohibida su venta´
Love, CD, 257388, GER
Love, CD, VDP-1285, JAP, 1st press w/ extra track ´the snake´, w/ obi
Love, CD, TKCB-70505, JAP
Love, CD, TECI-24249, JAP, re-issue, lp gatefold paper sleeve w/ obi + lyric sheet, 2 bonustracks
Love, CD, MOFR 00358, RUS, 14-tracks incl. Faith Healer and Edie (acoustic)
Love, CD, BEGA 65 CD, UK, 12-tracks
Love, CD, 925359 2, USA Love, CD, 925359 2/D 102651, USA, manufactured for BMG, Inc. under license
Love, CD, 925359 2, USA, longbox, 10 tracks
Love, CD, BBL65CD, USA,10 tracks, remastered


Love, TAPE, BEG65C, UK
Love, TAPE, VOG4-3365, CAN
Love, TAPE, 300654 PM 462, FRA, bonus tracks: A. She Sells Sanctuary (remix) B. Rain (remix)
Love, TAPE, 1654 TAKT MUSIC, POL, blank tape
Love, TAPE, YVPC 102/BEGA 65, S-KOR, YEH EUM label w/ slip cover
Love, TAPE ,925359 4, USA

LOVE - Rare official 1986 Canadian CRIA certified GOLD award issued to commemorate sales in excess of 50,000 units of the Vertigo/Beggars Banquet album. The award features a golden record, above a custom engraved presentation plaque which is dated February 1986 and a 'Certified Gold' plaque with CRIA logo. (* very special thanks to Tanja for donating this special piece, and Adi, for making it possible.)

LOVE - RIAA American music industry Gold Award for 500,000 sales of the album.  It was presented to the band’s record label in the early 1990s, as the album wasn’t certified gold in the US until 4 years after its release.  The award measures 17x21 inches (44x54cms). It features the RIAA hologram to indicate its authenticity, and a plaque that includes the following text: PRESENTED TO SIRE RECORDS TO COMMEMORATE THE SALE OF MORE THAN 500,000 COPIES OF THE SIRE RECORDS ALBUM, CASSETTE AND C.D.