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The Cult is the self-titled sixth studio album from English rock band, The Cult. It was released in October, 1994 on Beggars Banquet Records and it is also the band's last album on Sire Records in the USA. . It is also commonly referred to as the "Black Sheep" record, due to the image of a Manx Loaghtan black sheep on the front cover. The record also features one of the very rare times when Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy have shared songwriting credit with anyone: bassist Craig Adams is credited as co-author of "Universal You".

The style of music on the album is more reminiscent of the grunge, alternative music popular at the time, also, noise music, with its use of distortion and feedback. 

Vocalist Ian Astbury referred to the record as "very personal, and very revealing" songs about his life, with the subject matter ranging from sexual abuse at the age of 15, to the death of Nigel Preston (friend and former drummer for The Cult), to his directionless years spent in Glasgow in the late 1970s. But the record was barely noticed, only reaching US#69, and UK#21, and then quickly dropping out of sight. Reportedly it reached number one on the charts in Portugal, but quickly dropped out of sight as well.

* 'The Cult' - Rare official 1994 Canadian CRIA certified GOLD award issued to commemorate sales in excess of 50,000 units of the Beggars Banquet recording, presented to SCOTT GARRETT. The award features the CD artwork alongside a copy of the CD single, above a custom engraved presentation plaque which is dated June 1989 and a 'Certified Gold' plaque with CRIA logo. This framed and glazed award measures 15" x 15"

The Cult - S/T, LP, BRA, 8 399701, 2LP
The Cult - S/T, LP, UK, BBQLP 164, 2LP, w/ printed inner lyric sleeves

The Cult (excerpts from the forthcoming album), FLEX, UK, MF2, free 5" flexi disc

The Cult - S/T, CD, ARG, 6666-2, promo ´difusion - prohibida su venta´
The Cult - S/T, CD, AUS, 840132 2, 2CD, bonus cd: live at the Marquee Club
The Cult - S/T, CD, FRA, VISA 3443, promo no artwork
The Cult - S/T, CD, HOL, 839970 2
The Cult - S/T, CD, ISR, BBQCD164, UK-release w/ Hebrew promo marks on cd
The Cult - S/T, CD, JAP, WPCR-107, w/ obi + lyric sheet
The Cult - S/T, CD, RUS, MOFR 00362, w/ 2 bonus tracks (Go West original mix + Join Hands)
The Cult - S/T, CD, UK, BBQCD164, w/ promo release stickers
The Cult - S/T, CD, USA, 9456673-2, promo w/ golden stamp
The Cult - S/T, CD, USA, 245673A, advance promo cd

The Cult - S/T, TAPE, CAN, 742026-4
The Cult - S/T, TAPE, IND, STCS 892030, big box format
The Cult - S/T, TAPE, UK, BBQMC164
The Cult - S/T, TAPE, UK, promo, Beggars Banquet sleeve
The Cult - S/T, TAPE, USA, 945673-4
The Cult - Unmastered, TAPE, UK, diff. tracklist, unmastered tracks
The Cult - Unmastered, TAPE, USA, diff. tracklist, unmastered tracks
The Cult New Album In Stores  October 11 (1994), TAPE, USA, PRO-C-7232, 3 track promo: Coming Down/Black Sun/Be Free

 PROMO POSTER 1994 S/T LA BEAUTE EST DANS LA RUE PROMO DISPLAY  * promotional poster USA                                   * UK promotional cardboard display