As a dedicated 'The Cult' follower and collector from The Netherlands I originally created this website in april 2012. 

Now I'm sharing my huge, and I mean HUGE, The Cult collection of vinyl, cd, tapes, bootlegs, posters, promo stuff, t-shirts, merchandise, live experiences and more.

You'll also find a lot of The Cult related stuff like Southern Death Cult, Holy Barbarians, Coloursound plus other side projects and collaborations.

I'm still trying to improve this website and keep it up to date by adding pics of new additions.

Please check it out and I hope you'll enjoy it.



Latest update 14 July 2024

"We never had fans - we have addicts.

You either need it or you don`t.

You either get it or you won`t.

There is nothing casual about The Cult.

We attract pure votaries." 

Ian Astbury