Hidden City

Released: 05 February 2016


  • Dark Energy
  • No Love Lost
  • Dance The Night


  • In Blood
  • Birds Of Paradise
  • Hinterland


  • GOAT
  • Deeply Ordered Chaos
  • Avalanche Of Light


  • Lilies
  • Heathens
  • Sound And Fury


  • EU COOKLP621 2lp black vinyl
  • EU COOKLP621X 2lp white vinyl (BLOOD ARCHIVE EDITION) w/ insert


  • CAN DA156 slightly larger digipack
  • CAN promo, watermarked cd #16, w/ release sheet
  • EU COOKCD621
  • EU COOKCD621 ‘for promotional use only’ sticker
  • EU COOKCD621 w/ extra autographed sleeve (by Ian and Billy) for Newbury Comics
  • EU COOKCD621W cd-r promo, watermarked not for sale, #233, pvc sleeve
  • JAP OTCD-5243 w/ OBI
  • RUS COOKCD621 jewelcase, unofficial


  • EU COOKCD621S Album sampler 4-track CD-R promo, watermarked, #9

Hidden City/Singles

Dark Energy

6 November 2015

CDS UK FRYCD726P 1-track promo w/ release sticker

CDS CAN 1-track advance promo w/ insert

Deeply Ordered Chaos

16 December 2015

CDS UK FRYCD728P 1-track promo


4 January 2016

CDS UK FRYCD727P 1-track promo w/ release sticker


5 April 2016

CDS UK FRYCD753P 1-track promo

CDS FRA no sleeve, CD promotionnel - interdite a la vente