Hidden City

Released: 05 February 2016

  1. Dark Energy
  2. No Love Lost
  3. Dance The Night
  4. In Blood
  5. Birds Of Paradise
  6. Hinterland
  7. GOAT
  8. Deeply Ordered Chaos
  9. Avalanche Of Light
  10. Lilies
  11. Heathens
  12. Sound And Fury


Hidden City LPx2 EU COOKLP621 black vinyl

Hidden City – BLOOD ARCHIVE EDITION LPx2 EU COOKLP621X white vinyl


* used drumhead during UK/EU 2016/17 tour

Hidden City CD CAN DA156 slightly larger digipack

Hidden City CD CAN promo, watermarked cd #16, w/ release sheet

Hidden City CD EU COOKCD621

Hidden City CD EU COOKCD621 ‘for promotional use only’ sticker

Hidden City CD EU COOKCD621 w/ extra autographed sleeve (by Ian and Billy) for Newbury Comics

Hidden City CD EU COOKCD621W cd-r promo, watermarked not for sale, #233, pvc sleeve

Hidden City CD JAP OTCD-5243 w/ OBI

Hidden City CD RUS COOKCD621 jewelcase, unofficial

Hidden City/Singles

Dark Energy

6 November 2015

Deeply Ordered Chaos

16 December 2015


4 January 2016


5 April 2016

Dark Energy CDS UK FRYCD726P 1-track promo w/ release sticker

Dark Energy CDS CAN 1-track advance promo w/ insert


Deeply Ordered Chaos CDS UK FRYCD728P 1-track promo


Hinterland CDS UK FRYCD727P 1-track promo w/ release sticker


G.O.A.T. CDS UK FRYCD753P 1-track promo

G.O.A.T. CDS FRA no sleeve, CD promotionnel - interdite a la vente