Born Into This

Released: 01 October 2007

  1. Born Into This
  2. Citizens
  3. Diamonds
  4. Dirty Little Rockstar
  5. Holy Mountain
  6. I Assassin
  7. Illuminated
  8. Tiger in the Sun
  9. Savages
  10. Sound of Destruction

Bonus Disc (Savage Edition)

  1. Stand Alone
  2. War Pony Destroyer
  3. I Assassin (Demo)
  4. Sound of Destruction (Demo)
  5. Savages (Full Length Version)


Instant Live - Return To Wild



Born Into This LP HOL MOVLP2232 Ltd. Edition #678/2000. pink vinyl

Born Into This LP HOL MOVLP2232 black vinyl


Born Into This CD AUS RR 79712 stickered jewelcase, sample product not for sale w/ RR sheet

Born Into This CD UK RR 7971-2 (promo)release sticker at back

Born Into This (Savage Edition) CD UK RR 7971-5 2CD incl. sticker

Born Into This (Savage Edition) CD UK QHNECD156D 2CD, different cover, Cherry Red Records

Born Into This CD UK RR PROMO 1010 promotional cd, 288 Virgin Radio Tim Vernon UK, insert only

Born Into This CD RUS 1686-179712 unofficial, 15 track cd w/ different cover

Born Into This CD TAIW .16861797126 CD w/ hypesticker, w/obi

Born Into This CD TAIW .16861797157 2CD  w/ hypesticker, w/obi

Born Into This CD USA 1686-179712 (promo)release sticker at back + one page picture promo sheet

Born Into This CD USA promotional cd, 126 Kenny Herzog Publicity CMJ, no inserts

Born Into This CD USA promo w/ insert

Born Into This Savage Edition) CD USA 1686-179602 2CD incl. sticker

Born Into This CD ISR RR 7971-2 UK release w/ Hebrew promo marks on cd

Born Into This CD JAP RRCY 21297 w/ obi (sealed)

Born Into This CD MAL 1686-179712 red coloured cover w/ silver sticker ´ORI K3282538´


Born Into This - Inside The Cult (not for sale) CD USA radio show by FMQB, interview & album presentation w/ cue sheet

The Cult 'Generic Interview (Ian Astbury)' CD UK August 2007, Roadrunner Records

Born Into This/Singles

Dirty Little Rockstar




Dirty Little Rockstar 7" UK RR 3863-7 1-track strictly limited edition etched pink vinyl

Dirty Little Rockstar CDS UK RR PROMO 1011 1-track promo, cardsleeve w/ promo sticker

Dirty Little Rockstar CDS HOL RR PROMO 1011 1-track promo, cardsleeve

Dirty Little Rockstar CDS GER RDRR 10204-2 1-track promo, slimline jewelcase w/ sticker

Dirty Little Rockstar CDS USA RDRR 10204-2 1-track promo, jewelcase


Illuminated CDS UK w/ promo sticker


Sound Of Destruction (Guns N Bombs Remix) CD USA V/A - promo only alternative club - januari 2008

Return To Wild

Released: 2006

Instant Live 01 the fillmore.ca.03.01.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0384-2 no. 0808

Instant Live 02 the joint.nv.03.03.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0385-2 no. 0976

Instant Live 03 house of blues.ca.03.04.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0386-2 no. 0817

Instant Live 04 key club.ca.03.05.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0387-2 no. 1257

Instant Live 05 music box.ca.03.07.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0388-2 no. 0649

Instant Live 06 marquee theatre.az.03.08.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0389-2 no. 0626

Instant Live 07 ridglea theatre.tx.03.10.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0390-2 no. 0561

Instant Live 08 warehouse.tx.03.11.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0391-2 no. 1147

Instant Live 09 la zona rosa.tx.03.12.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0392-2 no. 0826

A Return To Wild Tour CD USA 2-track promo, may 2006, She Sells Sanctuary + Wild Flower

New York City - Live November 13, 2006 DVD USA live at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza

Instant Live 10 cain´s ballroom.ok.03.14.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0408-2 no. 0970

Instant Live 11 first avenue.mn.03.15.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0409-2 no. 0698

Instant Live 12 vic theatre.il.03.17.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0410-2 no. 0602

Instant Live 13 house of blues.oh.03.18.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0411-2 no. 0429

Instant Live 14 emerald theatre.mi.03.18.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0412-2 no. 1045

Instant Live 15 town ballroom.ny.03.21.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0413-2 no. 0649

Instant Live 16 avalon.ma.03.22.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0414-2 no. 0564

Instant Live 17 9:30 club.dc.03.24.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0415-2 no. 0908

Instant Live 18 house of blues.nj.03.25.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0416-2 no. 0545

Instant Live 19 nokia theatre.ny.03.26.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0423-2 no. 0716


Instant Live cult comp. CD USA 27823-0434-2 compilation - best of instant live


Instant Live molson amphitheatre.on.05.26.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0433-2
Instant Live plaza of nations.bc.05.18.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0432-2