Born Into This

Released: 01 October 2007

Born Into This



Dirty Little Rockstar

Holy Mountain


I Assassin


Tiger in the Sun


Sound of Destruction


Bonus Disc (Savage Edition)

Stand Alone

War Pony Destroyer

I Assassin (Demo)

Sound of Destruction (Demo)

Savages (Full Length Version)

Instant Live - Return To Wild

Released: March 2006

LP HOL MOVLP2232 Ltd. Edition #678/2000. pink vinyl

LP HOL MOVLP2232 black vinyl


CD UK RR 7971-5 2CD incl. sticker (Savage Edition)

CD USA 1686-179602 2CD incl. sticker (Savage Edition)

CD UK QHNECD156D 2CD, different cover, Cherry Red Records (Savage Edition)

CD AUS RR 79712 stickered jewelcase, sample product not for sale w/ RR sheet

CD ISR RR 7971-2 UK release w/ Hebrew promo marks on cd

CD JAP RRCY 21297 w/ obi (sealed)

CD MAL 1686-179712 red coloured cover w/ silver sticker ´ORI K3282538´

CD RUS 1686-179712 unofficial, 15 track cd w/ different cover

CD TAIW .16861797126 CD w/ hypesticker, w/obi

CD TAIW .16861797157 2CD  w/ hypesticker, w/obi

CD UK RR 7971-2 (promo)release sticker at back

CD UK RR PROMO 1010 promotional cd, 288 Virgin Radio Tim Vernon UK, insert only

CD USA 1686-179712 (promo)release sticker at back + one page picture promo sheet

CD USA promotional cd, 126 Kenny Herzog Publicity CMJ, no inserts

CD USA promo w/ insert


Born Into This - Inside The Cult (not for sale) CD USA radio show by FMQB, interview & album presentation w/ cue sheet

The Cult 'Generic Interview (Ian Astbury)' CD UK August 2007, Roadrunner Records

Born Into This/Singles

Dirty Little Rockstar

17 September 2007


3 March 2008

Dirty Little Rockstar

CDS UK RR PROMO 1011 1-track promo, cardsleeve w/ promo sticker

CDS HOL RR PROMO 1011 1-track promo, cardsleeve

CDS GER RDRR 10204-2 1-track promo, slimline jewelcase w/ sticker

CDS USA RDRR 10204-2 1-track promo, jewelcase


Illuminated CDS UK w/ promo sticker


Sound Of Destruction (Guns N Bombs Remix) CD USA V/A - promo only alternative club - januari 2008

7" UK RR 3863-7 1-track strictly limited edition etched pink vinyl

Return To Wild

Released: March 2006

Instant Live 01 the CDx2 USA 27823-0384-2 no. 0808

Instant Live 02 the joint.nv.03.03.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0385-2 no. 0976

Instant Live 03 house of CDx2 USA 27823-0386-2 no. 0817

Instant Live 04 key CDx2 USA 27823-0387-2 no. 1257

Instant Live 05 music CDx2 USA 27823-0388-2 no. 0649

Instant Live 06 marquee CDx2 USA 27823-0389-2 no. 0626

Instant Live 07 ridglea theatre.tx.03.10.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0390-2 no. 0561

Instant Live 08 warehouse.tx.03.11.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0391-2 no. 1147

Instant Live 09 la zona rosa.tx.03.12.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0392-2 no. 0826

Instant Live 10 cain´s ballroom.ok.03.14.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0408-2 no. 0970

Instant Live 11 first CDx2 USA 27823-0409-2 no. 0698

Instant Live 12 vic CDx2 USA 27823-0410-2 no. 0602

Instant Live 13 house of blues.oh.03.18.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0411-2 no. 0429

Instant Live 14 emerald theatre.mi.03.18.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0412-2 no. 1045

Instant Live 15 town ballroom.ny.03.21.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0413-2 no. 0649

Instant Live 16 CDx2 USA 27823-0414-2 no. 0564

Instant Live 17 9:30 club.dc.03.24.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0415-2 no. 0908

Instant Live 18 house of blues.nj.03.25.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0416-2 no. 0545

Instant Live 19 nokia theatre.ny.03.26.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0423-2 no. 0716


New York City - Live November 13, 2006 DVD USA live at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza

Instant Live cult comp. CD USA 27823-0434-2 compilation - best of instant live

A Return To Wild Tour CD USA 2-track promo, may 2006, She Sells Sanctuary + Wild Flower


Instant Live molson amphitheatre.on.05.26.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0433-2

Instant Live plaza of nations.bc.05.18.06 CDx2 USA 27823-0432-2