Live At The Lyceum

Released: 10 September 1984

Horse Nation
83rd Dream
Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)


A Flower in the Desert
Rider in the Snow
Bad Medicine Waltz


This record was originally intended to be released on Situation Two with a catalogue number SITU 57 (or 12). This pressing was to include the original version of "Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles) which uses a psychedelic phasing on the end choruses. Only a small handful of white label test pressings were made of this record.

83rd Dream*
Gods Zoo*
Bad Medicine Waltz*
A Flower In The Desert
Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)
Horse Nation*
Bone Bag*
Ghost Dance
Brothers Grimm*

The band performed 15 songs at the concert, which was edited down to nine* songs. Originally it came out in the UK as a free album with initial 30,000 copies of the Dreamtime LP and also as side 2 of the Dreamtime cassette.  In November 1996, it was remastered, and the full show released on video and CD.


  • CAN VOM 1 3344
  • CAN VOM 1 3344 w/ press release, different track order (re-issue special low price)
  • CZE 210087-1311 green vinyl
  • CZE 210087-1311 black vinyl, promo, printed label ´pouze pro reklamni ucely´
  • FRA BEGA 57 2LP incl. Live at the Lyceum, disc´az label
  • FRA BEGA 58 unique 'BEGA 58' cataloguenumber
  • GER 207595
  • GRE 58014
  • HOL TORSO 33015 1986 release
  • ITA BEGA57
  • JAP K25P493 w/ obi and lyric sheet
  • JAP K25P493 promo white label w/ obi, lyric sheet and red promo sticker
  • N-ZEA VPL1 6698
  • POR LP85BB002 different inner sleeve w/ group shot pic
  • SPA 4T-3021-01 repress
  • SPA 4T-3021-01 w/ insert
  • SWE BEGA 57
  • UK SITU 12 (matrix) white label test pressing w/ Go West (original version)
  • UK SITU 12 / CULT1 2LP set test pressings incl. Live at the Lyceum, UK – CULT1
  • UK BEGA 572LP incl. Live at the Lyceum, UK – CULT1 w/ hype sticker
  • UK BEGA 57 2LP incl. Live at the Lyceum, UK – CULT1
  • UK BEGA 57 2LP incl. Live at the Lyceum, UK – CULT1, signed by Ian, Billy, Jamie
  • UK BEGA 57
  • UK BEGA 57 white label test pressing w/ folded jacket/sleeve
  • UK BEGA 57P 2nd UK release – picture disc
  • UK BBL 57 3rd UK release – different artwork
  • UK BBQ 2296 LP 2024 reissue
  • UK BBQ 2296 LP 2024 reissue, dark red


  • CZE 210087-2311 Globus International
  • HOL TORSO CD 015 10 track cd w/ original vinyl artwork
  • JAP VDP-1284 12-tracks, w/ obi and promosticker
  • JAP TKCB-70504 13-tracks w/ obi
  • JAP TECI-27247-8 2CD re-issue, lp sleeves, incl. Live at the Lyceum, w/ obi + inlay
  • JAP WPCB20031 promo w/ obi
  • RUS MOFR 00357 w/ 2 bonus tracks (LRM-peace mix + Zap City)
  • UK BEGA 57 CD
  • UK BBL 57 CD
  • UK BBL 2009 CD 10-track remastered version
  • UK BBL 2009 CD Dreamtime (deluxe boxset) heavy fold-out wooden box with custom gold engraved plaque

    * Liner notes taken from 'Dreamtime' cd remastered 1996

    • The|Southern|Death|Cult CDS UK CULT17CD tri-fold digipack promo w/ 3 album infocards & fold-out family tree


    • UK BEGC57 plus Dreamtime live at the Lyceum
    • CAN VOM 1 3344
    • POL MR921


    Live At The Lyceum


    • CAN LIVE 1
    • JAP K25P 573 w/ obi
    • JAP K25P 573 w/ obi, white label promo
    • JAP K25P 573 w/ obi, different cover (picture of Ian) and tracklist
    • UK CULT 1 cardboard white picture sleeve, like regular inner sleeve

    Video Tape Boxset Cd

    • UK BB 001 VIDEO
    • UK BB 001 VCD remastered edition video and cd (CULT1 CD)
    • MEX 6064-2 cd printed brown CD
    • CAN LIVE C1 released 1986 TAPE
    • POL 747POP9502 TAPE