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Discography The Cult Collection NL 20220222
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This PDF file contains a full list of all formats (vinyl, CD, tape, video, DVD, etc.) I collected over the years. In the future I will create a PDF file for memorabilia as well.


Last update PDF-file: 22 February 2022

Latest addi(c)tions:

OST - songs from the Cool World LP USA 9362-45009-1 feat. The Witch

Theartre of Hate - Ten Years After CD UK MAUCD637

Spiritwalker 12" UK SIT 33T diff. purple label

Dreamtime LP SPA 4T-3021-01 w/ insert

OST - songs from the Cool World TAPE USA 9362-45009-4 feat. The Witch

One Pound Ninety-Nine (Music Sampler) TAPE UK BBBC1 incl. Nirvana

The Witch TAPE AUS .8919404 4-track, slipcase

Heart Of Soul TAPE AUS BEG260C 2-track, slipcase

UNKLE - Where Were You At 6AM ... (War Stories), CD, UK, SURR003CDP, special pack 'envelop' w/ insert

Beyond Good And Evil, CD-R, FRA, promo w/ insert

Slash - Ghost, CD-R, DEN, 1-track promo w/ stickered plastic sleeve

Theatre of Hate - The Hop, 7", UK, BRR3