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Discography The Cult Collection NL 20231029
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This PDF file contains a full list of all formats (vinyl, CD, tape, video, DVD, etc.) I collected over the years.

Latest addi(c)tions:

  • Marquee, London 1991 LP SPA RB2 38-tracks, miscredited BBC radio broadcast
  • Wild Flower (Extended Rock Mix) 12" AUS BEG 195T Virigin' record company sleeve
  • Sonic Temple 30th anniversary reissue BOX UK BBQ2151MXX promo 4cd boxset w/ tracklist insert
  • Under The Midnight Sun LP/7" EU/CAN BHR011VLBK7 black vinyl w/ DC8323 bonus 7" Flesh And Bone + C.O.T.A.
  • Beyond Good And Evil - unmastered, unsequenced CD GER 12 track CD different working titles, jewelcase
  • Electric LP ZIM VNC5098
  • Sonic Temple CD JAP VDP 1424 limited edition metal tin box
  • Sweet Soul Sister CDS UK BEG241CD non-gatefold (sealed)
  • Dreamtime LP UK SITU 12 / CULT1 2LP set test pressings incl. Live at the Lyceum, UK – CULT1
  • Electric CD UK BBL80CD remastered digipack
  • Dreamtime LP UK BBQ 2296 LP 2024 reissue
  • Dreamtime LP UK BBQ 2296 LP 2024 reissue, dark red
  • The Witch (Album Version) 12" USA PRO-A-5599 1-track acetate , signed by IA, BD, Kinley Wolfe and probably Michael Lee (as Drummer X)
  • V/A Special Sound 12" HOL .40010 Live recordings of Rain and Sanctuary (Utrecht '86 ?)
  • Sheffield Electric Live 1987 CD POR AD002 digipack bootleg
  • Southern Death Cult - S/T LP AUS BBL46
  • The Cult - S/T CD TAIW 83997022 sealed w/ Taiwan EMI strip
  • Electric LP UK BBQ2298LP
  • Electric LP UK BBQ2298LPE blue vinyl
  • Love LP CAN VOG 1-3365 reissue, non-gatefold