* LOVE - CRIA Canadian certified GOLD award: issued to commemorate sales in excess of 50,000 units of the Vertigo/Beggars Banquet album. The award features a golden record, above a custom engraved presentation plaque which is dated February 1986 and a 'Certified Gold' plaque with CRIA logo. (* very special thanks to Tanja for donating this special piece)

* LOVE - RIAA American certified Gold award was presented to the band’s record label in the early 1990s, as the album wasn’t certified gold in the US until 4 years after its release.  The award measures 17x21 inches (44x54cms). It features the RIAA hologram to indicate its authenticity, and a plaque that includes the following text: PRESENTED TO SIRE RECORDS TO COMMEMORATE THE SALE OF MORE THAN 500,000 COPIES OF THE SIRE RECORDS ALBUM, CASSETTE AND C.D.